Friday, October 2, 2020

Spark Global’s Toppan AR marker makes its mark

Let’s go into the tenets of why the Spark Global’s AR Marker Technology sets the standard in Augmented Reality in the Philippines and learn how to properly benchmark this tech field.

Presently, there are two types of AR in the market: marker and picture-based. Between these two technologies, the marker type is the better option compared to the picture-based when using AR.

Why? Marker-based AR’s are readable on a global scale and readily usable based on a wide selection of content whether movies or sound, 3D-based computer graphics, or links to web pages. While the picture-based marker or the locally-produced AR’s, content is just limited to plain 3D and videos.

In terms of recognition capabilities, marker-based ARs can be more easily identified than picture-based. While many applications use picture recognition, they are actually recognizing hidden points in the picture. Sometimes, however, the dots’ positions are re-used resulting into a longer waiting time needed to verify the positions of these hidden dots thus, causing the problem of users not knowing where to point the camera. Also, some applications compel users to double tap on the screen, and that usually entails a considerable amount of processing before downloading of content can begin.

While the qualities of marker-based AR technologies far outweigh those of picture-based, a lot is still to be desired for when it comes to efficiency, compatibility, accuracy and of course, ease of use.

This is where Spark Global Tech System Inc.’s Toppan AR technologies come in.

The Toppan Marker Recognition technology is generally deemed as the fastest in the market with regard to recognition and lauded for its user-friendliness. Every Toppan AR marker is thought to be unique since it points to a single content in the server so there is no room for confusion as the dots are clearly defined.

Plus the fact that the Toppan AR marker works on a wide variety of mediums, whether printed or non-printed materials, projected screens, LCD or LED monitors or even T-shirts, that are used for interactive campaigns, food packaging, promotional videos, 3D animation or flyers, guide books with video documentaries, makes this marker an even more hardworking option.

Recognition-wise, the Toppan AR marker has the distinct advantage over other marker-based technologies. Even low-end smartphones with their not-so-high-resolution cameras will not encounter any difficulty in distinguishing because it emits an aiming point with which to scan the markers. It’s so convenient, it’s as if the user already knows the specific area where to scan just like a point and shoot.

“What separates us from other AR companies is our seamless technology that is substantially of the best quality in the category, in so many ways. In the end, customers will distinguish our difference by benefitting from various globally-competitive advantages for their businesses and markets,” explains Rowi Bautista, Managing Director of Spark Global Tech Systems, Incorporated.

Spark Global Tech Systems, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of AR technology in the Philippines. The company offers business management software like HR, Payroll, Accounting, Sales and Inventory systems, Access Control Systems, Smart Cards and some of the best global technologies and business solutions based on Clients’ needs and business objectives.

Spark Global Tech Systems, Inc. is headquartered at 1805A East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For more information, contact (+632) 532-8579 or email or visit

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