Friday, October 2, 2020

Home tech to warm up during these cold weather months

Water from the tap gets colder as the cold weather of the “ber-months” start to close in. While most people are used to hitting the showers with cold water raining on them— some of them want it that way because it finishes the job of waking them up from drowsiness— there are some who just cannot handle the sharp chill on their skin. One of them are kids who need to wake up early for school. It seems to take forever to pull them out from their slumber in these cold months and they dread the cold water from the shower, making their mornings far less enjoyable— adversely affecting their mood.

As an old-school practice, it takes extra effort for those who wake up very early morning just to manually heat up water in the kitchen, or possibly worse, by using submersible water heater heads in their buckets, which puts users at risk of getting accidentally electrocuted. It takes extra time in mixing heated water with tap just to get the right comfortable temperature. Others may have their own water heater installed in their showers, but the risk of getting scalded is still a problem.

Midea, the world’s leading consumer appliances manufacturer, responds to these challenges with an array of water heaters that can suit everybody’s needs and budget. Their line-up of water heaters has the Quick Warm Heating Element that instantly heats water at a preferred temperature that gives instant comfort in seconds. This allows its users not to worry much about time, especially those who are always in a hurry in the morning to beat the rush hour.

All of Midea’s water heaters have Safety Sensors that ensure not only the comfort in taking a shower but also the safety in their use. It guarantees no overheating so that customers may enjoy their warm showers just the way they want them longer.   These sensors also take care of keeping water temperature in check, so that scalding hot water will not come out of the shower. It also has a built-in anti-shock device to keep everyone safe from harm.

While Midea offers different models of water heaters that may cater to people with a tight grip on their budget, they will also definitely enjoy its affordability not just on the price tag but also in its use. It only heats the water needed for a shower and for as low as Php 3.00, everyone can enjoy this tag on the electric bill for 10 minutes of warm soothing water trickling down the skin— more than enough time to soak, soap, and scrub then out to take on the day ahead.

A warm shower from Midea could also be enjoyed after having a tough day at work and coming home from the heavy traffic on the road. A soothing bath could take away a day’s worth of stress by loosening up muscles that are tight from all the work it had. This could also refresh and clear the mind so parents who work hard after a long day could definitely enjoy some quality time with their kids before bed time.

As the cold months come close, Midea offers warmth through its innovative products featuring home solutions that could make home life easier and more harmonious. Midea’s water heaters reflect the kind of warmth it has for the family and that soothing feeling of coming home to the people that matter the most.

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