Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Experience the soundtrack of your life with CloudFone’s Spotify edition devices

Filipinos love music. They listen to different songs wherever they are, depending on their current disposition in life – making every song relevant and significant. It is undeniable that music is very much integrated in the day-to-day lives of everyone.

Mobile tech innovator CloudFone recognizes this love of Filipinos for music, and the how more and more people are staying plugged in, listening to music, whether through their mobile phones, tablet devices, or even through desktops.

To further defy boundaries and address the growing wants and needs of today’s youth, CloudFone has partnered with Spotify in order to bringing a revolutionary device to life. Spotify is the the world’s most exciting global digital music streaming service. Now, through the CloudFone Thrill 500x, CloudFone Thrill 500x+, Cloudpad 702q, Filipinos will now be able to access any song they want and create playlists to fit every mood they are in.

Living up to its track record of being an innovator that pushes the limits and challenges existing norms, CloudFone, through its visionary Chief Executive Officer, Eric Yu, said this is the first time that Spotify has partnered with a mobile phone brand -- another true pioneering achievement for the young company.

“We are known in the industry as a pacesetter, leading light, a pioneer when it comes to introducing new and exciting technologies in the Philippines and making them within the reach of many Filipinos. This partnership with Spotify further reinforces this and paves the way as we materialize our aspirations and vision as a business, and this will definitely not be the last time you’ll hear about it,” declares Yu.

The CloudFone & CloudPad Spotify Edition series consists of the following line-up: the CloudFone Thrill 500x, CloudFone Thrill 500X+, and the CloudPad 702q. Here’s a run-down of specs for each smartphone and tablet device:
All these products have Panorama and High Dynamic Range (HDR) modes, Smile Detection, Voice Command controls, Zero Shutter Delay, and high-def video recording. You can now capture those special, stunning, captivating and wacky moments and memories on the street or just about anywhere in full, vivid and colorful detail—and without missing a beat.

The partnership between CloudFone and Spotify is definitely one that will rock the Philippine market for smartphones and tablets, an endeavor that will endear CloudFone and Spotify closer to the hearts of its Filipino consumers. We can all expect more industry-shaking efforts to come from this young company in the very near future, which are all part of its vision to further grow as a responsible and innovative business that aspires to make technology within every Filipino’s reach.

For more about CloudFone and its lineup of impressive Spotify-edition mobile digital devices, visit; “Like” their Facebook page,; follow them via or

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

GetGo gives you a chance to explore the world for FREE

Travel the world without the booking hassles! And the better news is you might experience all the fun for FREE!

How would you like to explore the countless beautiful tourist destinations in the Philippines, all for free for an exciting 80 days? Join Juanderlust and be the Chosen Juanto discover and experience all the amazing travel spots that the country has to offer.

To join the online contest that gives you the chance to travel around the Philippines, simply visit the website at andfill out the registration form. You must also answer the question, “Why should you be the Chosen Juan?” in 300 characters or less, and make a 1-minute video responding to the same question. The contest is open to everyone, even international travelers, as long as they have a passport and a valid VISA to travel the Philippines in early 2016.

The Chosen Juan will receive up to Php2.5 million worth of exciting prizes, which includes a laptop, a GoPro camera, and miscellaneous travel fees on top of their thrilling 80-day free adventure. Successful entrants will also get a free GetGo membership card inclusive of points for a more seamless and rewarding travel experience around the Philippines.

The newest lifestyle rewards program of Cebu Pacific,GetGo, enables loyal customers to easily earn rewards points whenever they fly with Cebu Pacific or convert their credit card loyalty points to GetGo points. They can redeem and use these GetGo points to book local or international flights within the Cebu Pacific network. It also gives customers access to other exclusive promos and add-on services from the airline.

So, do you want to be the Chosen Juan and have the best time of your life traveling around the Philippines for 80 incredible days? Submit your entries now and get a chance to win this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

To avail of aGetGo card, simply visit, click JOIN, fill out the application form, and for only a P150 membership fee, have your personalized GetGo card delivered to your doorstep.

For more information on GetGo’s merchant partners, on-going promos and events, you can visit or follow GetGo’s official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts @GetGoPH. is a Philippine with over 1,800 hotel and resort partners in different parts of the country. The company seeks to help every Filipino travel more with value for money accommodations in every corner of the country. is an online vacation accommodation service, providing varied and unique places globally for the travelers' convenience. The company encourage people from all over the world to list and rent out their properties to travelers, helping locals earn extra income while providing travelers with accommodations for every occasion.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Why you should invest in a new refrigerator

Refrigerator units have seen drastic improvements over the last decade. What your mom used to own may look similar on the outside but what is inside may no longer match the technology of the recent models.  Whether it’s your first time buying a refrigerator or replacing the old clunker you have, careful consideration needs to be taken before making your purchase. Refrigerators are long-term appliance investments and taking the time to study the features and how they fit your needs will help you enjoy this big purchase in the next few years.

Phillip Trapaga, General Manager of Midea Philippines expresses, “The advantage of updating your home appliances is that you also get to enjoy technologies that better suit the standards of your modern lifestyle. With our lifestyles changing, it is normal to expect our technologies to keep up with them.”

First thing to consider when shopping for a new refrigerator is its electric consumption. Old fridges may use up to more than twice the energy of a new model. This means electricity is not being used efficiently and leads to higher utility bills.

“Appliances operating at lower energy rates are now very popular among homeowners because of the heightened awareness about the country’s current power situation,” says Trapaga. He continues, “Still, these consumers still look for quality and features that can meet their high standards.”

The French Door Refrigerator from global appliance manufacturer Midea is a good example of how energy efficiency meets quality. This home partner cuts down on electrical consumption by almost half than the conventional refrigerator, making it friendly to electric bills.

Innovative refrigerator models keep food fresh for a longer period of time compared to old fridges. Equipped with High Moisture Retention Technology, Midea French Door Refrigerator maintains an optimum level of humidity that keeps food fresh for a longer period of time. This is complemented by the Multi-airflow System which makes sure the temperature in each compartment is uniform.  Additionally, this model from Midea has a UV light feature called the Photocatalytic Degradation Technology which aids in the breakdown of pesticides found in fruits and vegetables, making them safer for consumption. At the same time it’s also equipped with Photosynthetic Preservation Technology which replicates the natural environment of fruits and veggies prolonging their lifespan.

Be on the look-out for special features that only recent units have. Midea’s French Door Refrigerator’s Ice Maker and Japanese Ag+ filter block which purifies the water, ensuring in clear ice cubes ready in the freezer.

The size of the fridge which mainly depends on the needs of your family should also be taken into consideration. With new and clever designs of the new models, you can store up to a month-worth of supplies which means less trips to the grocery.

Midea’s French Door Refrigerator can fit up to 20 baskets of groceries. Social butterflies who love throwing parties will also be pleased with its roomy interiors which can accommodate large platters, trays, and serving dishes. Its two doors that open in the middle also double as shelf space for condiments and canned drinks.
Aesthetics should never be compromised for quality and efficiency. Midea makes sure that all its appliances fit into modern homes with their tasteful and stylish designs. The Midea French Door Refrigerator’s stainless steel design adds a sophisticated touch to any kitchen layout.

Trapaga concludes, “This is the advantage of modern appliances. They are designed with the consumer in mind, but on a more personal level. They are not just home appliances anymore but more of life partners.”

To learn more about Midea’s French Door Refrigerator and other home solutions, visit and like their Facebook page at for updates.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Innovation in the field of Marketing: 2015 Agora Awardees

One of the most respected Filipino organizations recently honored outstanding men and woman in marketing as they showcased remarkable creativity and innovation in the said field.

The Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) recently bared its new set of Agora awardees for 2015 have displayed overall excellence in the marketing field. This year’s Honorary Agora Awardee and keynote speaker, Department of Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez, Jr. (center), in his speech, expressed honor and humility for being chosen to join the roster of past Agora awardees and likewise voiced his full admiration and respect to these outstanding individuals.

The Agora awardees for various categories are (from left): Jose Ma. Concepcion III  (representative Ramon Lopez), President  and Founding Trustee of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship Foundation, Inc., for Outstanding Achievement in Advocacy Marketing; Mario Bernardo Santos (representing Arthur Tan, President), of Integrated Microelectronics, Inc. for Outstanding Achievement in Export Marketing; William Tiu Lim, President and CEO, Mega Global Corporation for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship – Large Scale; Catherine Salimbangon, Vice President of Organique, Inc. for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship – Medium Scale; Lourdes Blanquita Banzon Falcon (wife of Raul Falcon - Country Manager) from Procter & Gamble Manufacturing (Thailand Ltd.) for Outstanding Achievement in Overseas Marketing; Carlo Katigbak, CEO of ABS-CBN Corporation, voted Marketing Company of the Year; David Guerrero, Creative Chairman, BBDO Guerrero Inc. for Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Communications; Dr. Nol Montalbo, CEO, Mont Albo Wellness Corp. for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship – Small Scale; Dr. Carl Mark Miniano, Dean, College of Business Administration, Adamson University, Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Education; and Benjie Yap, Vice President, Homecare and Foods of Unilever Philippines, for Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Management.

These awardees will join the elite group of The Agora Circle, composed of world-class Filipino marketers who displayed out-of-the-box thinking and trailblazing achievements. The Agora Circle’s mission is to enable the sharing of strategies and best organization practices to further enrich the Philippine marketing industry.

Past PMA President (1991), Past Agora Awardee (1994) and Chairman of Mansmith and Fielders Inc., Josiah L. Go, is the Chairman of the Board of Judges for the Agora Awards.

The 36th Agora is organized by the Philippine Marketing Association. Dubbed as the “Oscars of Philippine Marketing,” The 36th Agora was held recently at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Pasay City.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

HOOQ up with Asia’s exclusive premiere of Ash vs. Evil Dead

HOOQ, Asia’s biggest video-on-demand service, partners with Starz Entertainment this Halloween to bring you the extreme gore of the highly anticipated Ash vs. Evil Dead exclusively on HOOQ, ahead of the US, for the first time in Asia.

Ash vs. Evil Dead premieres worldwide on 31 Oct and HOOQ will be the first and only platform in Asia to offer the series on the same day as the US.  Get ready to indulge in more new and exciting TV series to be available on HOOQ’s diverse and expansive selection of over 30,000 hours of movies and TV series such as hot favorites and award-winning series Gotham, The Flash, Mad Men, Scandal, Rosemary’s Baby, Nashville and awesome action backed superhero blockbusters Thor and Captain America – The First Avenger.

“We are very excited to present this Halloween treat to all HOOQ subscribers with Ash vs. Evil Dead on the same day as the US telecast.  This modern reboot of the Evil Dead trilogy that defined the zombie genre is just the latest in showstoppers that we are bringing to Asia” said Peter Bithos, Chief Executive Officer of HOOQ.

From the creators of the iconic Evil Dead movie trilogy – director Sam Raimi and horror icon Bruce Campbell will come together again to bring back the beloved and celebrated world of Evil Dead for the original television series made for Starz.

This series that has critics, horror fans, and film enthusiasts abuzz sees actor Bruce Campbell reprising his role as Ash Williams from the original Evil Dead series as the chainsaw-wielding, monster-shredding slacker.  Anti-hero Ash Williams, now somewhat aged but still quick-witted as ever, fights the forces of evil that turn unsuspecting people and inanimate objects into wise-cracking killing machines called Deadites.  Ash vs. Evil Dead also features franchise newcomers Lucy Lawless, Mimi Rogers, and Jill Marie Jones.  Enjoy “splat-stick” at its finest as the offbeat and endearing characters find themselves in gruesomely hilarious situations with Deadites.

You can soon watch Ash vs. Evil Dead and all your favorites on your chosen Internet-enabled device.  Simply download the HOOQ app from the Apple Store or Google Play, sign up or log in, and your device is ready to access HOOQ’s library of Hollywood and Pinoy hits.  Viewing movies and TV series on HOOQ is made even better with Chromecast support, now available on the iOS and Android apps.

Don’t miss this Asia premiere and sign up for a 30-day free trial now on  Payment methods to continue subscription after 30 days is made easy for Globe users by adding the low monthly fee of P149.00 to your mobile bill by texting HOOQ149 to 8888.  Tattoo Home Broadband users can also get HOOQ’d for free on plans P1,299 and up. Users can alternatively pay through credit card.

Download the HOOQ app now and catch the trailer of Ash vs. Evil Dead.  Or for more information on HOOQ, log on to www.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Honda offers new line of Generation Smart motorcycle

Honda, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, is introducing another exciting motorcycle
The world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, is now introducing another exciting motorcycle one after the other in the Philippine marke - See more at:
The world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, is now introducing another exciting motorcycle one after the other in the Philippine marke - See more at:
called Generation Smart (Gen S that showcases better fuel-efficiency, road safety and eco-friendly features, the Honda motorcyclesare perfect for the diverse personalities of the emerging generation of smart riders.

Designed for the young Filipino’s varying needs and lifestyles, the Beat-Fi “Let Your Beat Out”, Click 125i “Join the Evolution”, and Zoomer-X “I.Am.Unstoppable” are all equipped with the Honda Smart Technology, a unique set of revolutionary features suited for the Gen S, to enhance and create positive impacts in their everyday life.

Teen idol Daniel Padilla enjoys a handful of activities in his career—movie and television projects and international concert tours, to name a few—yet he still finds time to be a positive influence to his fans by making the right decisions.His latest exciting venture aims to further influence today’s youth, this time to make the same smart choices on the road, through riding with Honda motorcycles.

Teen idol Daniel Padilla headlines as the newest endorser of the latest innovative breed of motorcycle.

Among the three motorcycles, his personal favorite is the Honda Zoomer-X for its real naked, tough, and durable design concept that goes with a fuel-efficient 110cc engine for a cleaner combustion and higher torque power.

Perhaps the most important features of the Honda Smart Technology, the Enhanced Smart Power (eSP), Idling Stop System (ISS), and Combined Break System (CBS) encompassfuel-efficiency, eco-friendliness, and road safety, suited for every Gen S rider.

The eSP is known for its advancement in engine technology that ensures superior engine power and improved fuel mileage, while the ISS automatically switches off the motorcycle’s engine after three (3) seconds of idling (ideal for any traffic situation), and the CBS activates both rear and front breaks for a greater and safer stopping power.

The Generation Sis a group of people who are smart and sensible—those who value practicality and technological innovation with style. All these expectations are met by the core concept of Smart Technology, which has been the cutting edge contribution of Honda Philippines, Inc. to the motorcycle industry.

As the face of Gen S, Daniel also highlights how smart motorcycle riders make choices for the benefit of others. For him, there’s no other choice than the Honda Gen S motorcycles.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Announcement: The Great Samsung Giveaways

The holiday season stirs up joy and excitement in us. This is why Samsung is making sure that it shares its joys with its customers by giving the best gifts this season. The Great Samsung Giveaways, which runs from November 6 – December 31, 2015 promises to be Samsung’s biggest and merriest holiday offer to date, with all out free bundles, gifts, As the most influential smartphone maker whose game-changing offerings in 2015, namely the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge+, and the Galaxy Note5, have redefined the way people look at and use their gadget, Samsung would like to give its loyal consumers the opportunity to further enjoy its Since the season of year-end bonuses is fast approaching, the Great Samsung Giveaways lets you reward yourself for a year’s worth of hard work. Just look at what’s in store for you—GIFTS WITH ALL DEVICES to accompany all Samsung smartphone and tablet purchases such as subscriptions to iFlix Uber, Zalora, plus FREE BUNDLES on selected models.

What’s more, Samsung is giving away over P3 million worth in their DAILY RAFFLE from December 1 to 31, with one lucky winner everyday walking away with great prizes including a trip for two to Korea, a Road Bike from Trek, a year’s supply of coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Samsung gadgets and digital appliances, and the grand prize, a Volkswagen Beetle. To maximize the holiday season, Samsung has partnered with iFlix Uber, Zalora and Globe to make sure everyone can utilize the different features of the latest Samsung gadgets and see the value of their purchase. After all, we do want to get our money’s worth. Stay cozy and able to watch all-time favorite movies with up to 12 months subscription from iFlix; make last minute holiday shopping easier with Zalora vouchers of up to 500 pesos discount, have a worry-free means of attending all the parties with friends thanks to Uber’s 500 peso voucher for new riders; and of course enjoy free data surfing for two months and upload snaps at real time with Globe. Samsung and its partners will be the perfect combination to have the best holiday experience to date.

Samung Galaxy S6 edge+ comes with a free bundle worth P4,300! Bundle includes 10,000 mAH battery pack and Bluetooth speaker from CAPDASE, and Zing vouchers worth over P1,000 – Made for those who want to live big, the Galaxy S6 edge+ is a superior smartphone that seamlessly fuses elegant design and functionality. Equipped with an advanced 16-megapixel camera camera, fast-charging capabilities, and a beautiful curved dual-edge glass display, the Samsung galaxy S6 edge+ makes for an ultimate fashion statement.

Galaxy Note5 is bundled with a package worth P2,600. The free bundle includes a 10,000 mAH Capdase Battery Pack and Zing vouchers worth over P1,000 - The ultimate productivity tool, the Galaxy Note5 which comes with the all-powerful S-Pen. It lets you utilize productivity-enhancing and note-taking features, take picture-perfect images even in challenging conditions, and do work on a large screen optimized to give you the  best viewing experience on your mobile device, whether it’s ebooks, websites, or videos. The Capdase battery pack ensures that you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted use,

Galaxy A8 comes with a bundle worth P2,100, including a 5,000 mAH Capdase Battery Pack and Zing vouchers worth over P1,000-This super-slim, all metal beauty combines style and function, and lets you take great photos and videos.  It comes with an incredible 16MP rear and 5MP front camera that you can use even in low light conditions.

Galaxy J5 includes a free bundle worth P1,300. Including a 16 GB San Disk memory card and over P1,000 worth of Zing vouchers. An affordable smartphone with quality camera, the Galaxy J5 is the perfect phone for any selfie lover. It promises a stunning viewing experience, powerful performance, and an enhanced camera for the best-in-class upgraded selfie experience.

Galaxy Tab S2 comes with a P2,400 worth Samsung book cover and Smart Bro internet SIM - Remarkably slim and ultra-lightweight with a Super Amoled display, you can use this tablet to take your e-books, photos, videos and work-related files with you wherever you need to go. The Smart Bro internet SIM ensures that you are always connected.

Galaxy Tab E bundled with Smart Bro pocket wi-fi worth P1,495 - If all you really want to do is relax and read without necessarily missing out on your work and fun, you’d like the Galaxy Tab E. It also has a super slim design and everything you can expect from a Samsung tablet in terms of performance, while the free pocket wi-fi means you can stay connected at all times.

Galaxy Tab 3V bundled with Smart Bro pocket wi-fi worth P1,495 - This ultra-portable tablet has a super slim design and fun features but delivers the superior performance that Samsung is known for. As Samsung is the gift that keeps on giving, bigger surprises will be coming your way this December!

Every day for the whole month of December, Samsung will be raffling great prizes including a buffet for 2 at Escolta; sunglasses from Ideal Vision, trip for 2 to Korea; Trek Road Bike; Samsung digital appliances and Samsung gadgets; P10,000 worth shopping spree at Robinson’s Department Store, among many others. Not to mention, on December 31, Samsung will be raffling off the grand prize – a limited edition Volkswagen Beetle!

Indeed, the Great Samsung Giveaways is a great way to get the most out of your hard-earned and well-deserved year-end bonus. Head out to the nearest Samsung Experience Stores and authorized Samsung dealers to purchase that Samsung gadget you’ve been wanting. Log on to to know more. Go ahead, you deserve it!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

OPPO Neo 7 available this holiday season

Here's a great news for all OPPO fans just in time for the holiday season.

After the back-to-back success of its R7 Series and the Mirror 5, rising global smartphone brand OPPO is ending the year strong with an announcement that the OPPO Neo 7’s nationwide release in the Philippines will coincide with the holiday season.

Introduced last October, the Neo 7 is the newest phone under OPPO’s Neo line and improves on its predecessor with better specs and a sleeker design. The Neo 7 is equipped with a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of internal storage—all of which allow the brand’s ColorOS 2.1, which is based on Android 5.1, to run smoothly.

Along with a bigger screen size at 5 inches, the phone also improved upon its predecessor’s battery with a 2420mAh battery. Improvements were also made for the camera, which now has 8 megapixels for the rear camera and five megapixels for the front camera.

However, what makes the OPPO Neo 7 stand out is its aesthetics. The Neo 7's back is designed using optical coating and fiberglass for increased strength and elasticity while measuring only 0.56mm thin. Special laminating processes makes the Neo 7's back look smooth and clear for a mirror-like finish.

Priced at only P8,990, the OPPO Neo 7 is a strong contender for the best phone from a global brand in its price range. The Neo 7 will be available in all OPPO outlets and retail stores starting November 2015. For more information about the OPPO Neo 7, visit

Monday, November 2, 2015

Low Price, Faster Speed Broadband Sent from the Sky

One of the biggest problem that every netizen in the Philippines faces every day is a decent internet connection. You can read rants in your FB feeds, hear news over the radio and watch features on TV talking about when can Pinoys, considered as one of the most active living organisms in the cyber world, get the online boost they truly deserve.

Here's a news that you might want to hear: SKYbroadband’s going faster and is priced lower than ever with free HD cable TV subscription thrown in!

High-speed, reliable internet access and fastest access to widest content accelerates your need for speed with this limited offer---  faster speed at low price with plans from 25Mbps up to 300Mbps that now include FREE cable TV subscription plus a FREE SKY On Demand box that lets you access a wide array of movie choices ranging from drama, action, suspense, and comedy straight from your TV.
Yes, that’s versatile plans, faster speeds at reduced price points with freebies to up the ante that won’t compromise your need to stay connected, surf all day and watch your favorite local and international TV shows and series!

Areas of coverage include Makati, Mandaluyong, Paranaque, Pasay, Pasig, Quezon City, San Juan, Alabang in Metro Manila, plus Cebu, Davao and Laguna. It will be rolled out in more SKYbroadband areas in the coming weeks!

SKYbroadband’s gone low so you can stay home! Come and get it! Call SKY at 381-0000 for plans and fees best suited to you and your family now!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Toni Gonzaga presents Acer Smartphones Professional Series

From the house of Big Brother to her weekly sitcom in her mother studio, Toni Gonzaga is one local showbiz star most of us admire not only because of her sweet image, but also for her great choices in life. 

She has a fine husband with film director Paul Soriano. Her TV shows and movies are big hits mainly because of carefully choosing her projects. And when it comes to her choices in gadgets for her everyday use, she loves and flaunts Acer.

Toni is one of the faces of this respected global brand which today launched smartphones to match the yuppie lifestyle in a very fun and grand event held at Metro Tent, Ortigas, APsig City.

Acer targets young professionals who live flexible and fast-paced lives and they are always on the look-out for a companion that can keep up with their lifestyle whether at work or at play.

“Acer understands this need for gadgets that do not only deliver impressive performance but are also friendly to your hard-earned peso,” expresses Manuel Wong, General Manager of Acer Philippines. “That is why we are always at the forefront of the smartphone race in the Philippines with innovative models,” he adds.

The new line of Acer smartphones—the Acer Liquid X2, Acer Liquid Z630, Acer Liquid Z530 and Acer Liquid Z330—are all designed with the needs of the young working force in mind. Efficient, powerful and budget-friendly, these devices are sure to match the lifestyle of a hardworking and spontaneous yuppie.

Running on 1.3GHz octa-core to ensure smooth and seamless processing, Acer Liquid X2 is definitely a powerhouse to watch out for. Ready to keep you going all day, Liquid X1 ends power struggles with its massive battery life of 4000mAh. Never worry connecting with colleagues or friends with this gadget’s Triple SIM support. Complemented by 13MP of Rear and front camera, taking an OOTD photo with the Liquid X2 before going to work should be perfect and hassle-free.

With a battery life that can last up 10 hours of talk time, Acer Liquid Z630 makes for a tough contender. Designed to pace with the challenging projects in the office, Liquid Z630 boasts a 1.3 GHz quad-core. Research becomes a piece of cake as this LTE-ready smartphone provides a 5.5-inch (1280x720) high-definition screen.

Storing your big files in your phone? Acer Liquid Z530 got you covered with its 16-gb memory. Review your documents on Liquid Z530 without worrying about storage problems. Capture important information in meetings with its wide-angle 8-megapixel rear camera. Liquid Z530 supports shortcuts that let you access voice calling, cameras and music playbacks with just quick and simple swipe gestures.

Lastly, Acer Liquid Z330 turns heads with its stunning display. With IPS technology, wide viewing of photos and multimedia on its 4.5" display proves to be a delightful experience. Eye-strain from prolonged screen viewing is reduced by Liquid Z330’s Acer BluelightShield™ technology. Looking for the perfect music to listen to while commuting to work? Enjoy a fuller audio experience with its DTS Studio Sound™ technology. With a wider sound range, you’ll hear more details and clearer vocals when listening to music or watching videos.

“Nowadays, the Philippine market is more aware of what they want in gadgets. They enjoy smart devices with features that help them be more dynamic and productive. Acer provides a wide range of smartphones that assure solid performance and quality without hurting the consumers’ pockets,” Wong concludes.

As for Toni, she invites everyone to live and work #LikeABoss with the Acer Smartphones Professional Series.

Know more about Acer smartphones and other Acer devices by visiting Like Acer Philippines Facebook page ( and follow @AcerPhils on Twitter for more updates.

Friday, October 16, 2015

New Plantronics BackBeat SENSE: Reimagined Wireless Stereo Headphones

Ultra-light, smart Bluetooth® headphones deliver sublime audio, all-day listening on a single charge, and intuitive smart sensor technology Manila, Philippines – Plantronics (NYSE: PLT), a pioneer in audio and wearable technology, today unveiled the BackBeat SENSE: smart wireless headphones that redefine stereo headphone apabilities, comfort and audio excellence. Whether you want to get lost in a playlist, podcast, or movie, BackBeat SENSE combines barely-there lightweight materials, best-in-class Bluetooth battery life, smart sensors, understated style, and signature Plantronics audio. BackBeat SENSE is available today in the Philippines.

“From sunrise to sunset, people are indulging in streaming media on-the-go. They need headphones that don’t just keep up, but actually optimize their experience,” said Lori Langona, Director of Consumer Marketing, Plantronics. “With BackBeat SENSE, we’re bringing a new breed of headphones to the market that are equipped with intuitive sensor technology to help make the most of today’s always-on, content-rich, music-first reality.”

What makes BackBeat SENSE so different? Built-in smart sensors automatically pause your music when you slip off the headphones, preserving battery life when they’re not being worn, then gently fading in your tunes when you put them back on. Intelligent pairing makes connecting and moving back and forth between devices fast and seamless, including pairing with two devices simultaneously. Whispered voice alerts provide important updates on battery life, connection status, and more. Centralizing the headphone controls in one earcup makes the headphones easier to use and more intuitive, and battery life gets a serious boost with the ability to stream music and media for up to 18 hours on a single charge.

BackBeat SENSE also takes an innovative approach to design, ensuring all-day wearing comfort for everyone. Its unique, patent-pending headband is designed to comfortably fit 99% of head sizes and evenly distribute the weight of the headphones, extending wear time by eliminating pressure that can cause fatigue and discomfort. 

At only 140g, about the same weight as a smartphone, BackBeat SENSE is approximately 50% lighter than most on-ear Bluetooth headphones available today (* Internal testing has shown BackBeat SENSE weighs at least 50% less than a comprehensive list of competitive on-ear Bluetooth headphones.) Pillow-soft memory foam ear pads conform to the shape of the listener’s ear, improving audio performance. The headphones’ compact form and fold-flat earcups make BackBeat SENSE comfortable and convenient to wear around the neck when not in use.

Additional BackBeat SENSE technologies and benefits include:

• Signature Plantronics audio and dynamic drivers create the optimal balance of rich bass, crisp highs, and natural midtones to let you enjoy your music to the full, and hear every detail in your media.

• Advanced Class 1 Bluetooth lets you control up to two connected smartphones or tablets from up to 330ft/100m away—the length of a football field (* Requires a Class 1 Bluetooth device).

• Dual mics enable HD Voice communication for clear calls or interactions with voice applications such as Siri™, Google Now, Cortana and Skype.

• OpenMic™ technology for those times when you’ll occasionally need to hear the outside world. With OpenMic, you can do so with the touch of a button, and without missing a beat.

• Fold-flat earcups makes BackBeat SENSE easy to transport and store, and a durable pouch is included with a handy pocket for charging and audio cables.

Plantronics Award-Winning BackBeat Family
BackBeat SENSE is the newest member of the BackBeat family of wireless stereo products from Plantronics. Other BackBeat stereo Bluetooth headphones include the critically-acclaimed BackBeat PRO over-the-ear wireless headphones, featuring active noise cancellation, and a record-setting 24 hours of streaming; the BackBeat FIT sweatproof wireless headphones, which feature a unique, safety-oriented design and a stable fit that stays in place comfortably no matter how hard you work out; and the popular BackBeat GO 2 + Charging case wireless earbuds that provide premium audio in an incredibly small and light form factor. BackBeat PRO, BackBeat GO 2 + Charging Case, and BackBeat FIT are currently available at select retailers.

Pricing and Availability
BackBeat SENSE will be available in two styles – Black/Espresso and White/Tan – for MSRP P8,295 with GST. For more information, please visit

About Plantronics
Plantronics is a global leader in audio communications for businesses and consumers. We have pioneered new trends in audio technology, creating innovative products that allow people to simply communicate. From unified communication to Bluetooth® headsets to gaming solutions, we deliver uncompromising quality, an ideal experience, and extraordinary service. Plantronics is used by every company in the Fortune 100™, as well as 911 dispatch, air traffic control and various mission critical applications for those on the frontline. For more information, please visit

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Acer’s Innovative Desktops Capture Media and Social Attention and Gain Plentiful Awards

Acer’s recent introduction of desktop PCs in new forms have attracted much media attention and earned plenty of media and leading design awards.

The small-in-form but big in-capabilities Revo One RL85 mini PC was launched this January, the stylish personal computer designed to become the entire family’s entertainment center has since bagged plenty of awards and media praises. Having just garnered the Japan Good Design Award, the Revo One has under its belt, the prestigious Red Dot and Computex d&i awards. At the Computex show, it not only won the Best Choice Gold award, but was also chosen as the Computex Best Product of the Year, an award that was selected among 450 competing products.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Make your vacation photos stand out in social media

Even if you haven’t seen a friend in ages, you’re most likely still going to hear about her vacation adventures because of those perfectly timed postings on Instagram or Facebook. Friends’ vacation photos seem to account for most of the photos that appear on an average person’s timeline. Obviously, people love to share how they’re discovering new places, savoring new cuisines, and embarking on new adventures with the rest of the world via their social media accounts.

Not all vacation photos, however, merit a second look. For sure, you’ve ignored some social media postings made by friends who have posted bland or cliché photos that anyone would instinctively gloss over. Who’s interested in a grainy photo of the sky or a view of the beach that could have been taken anywhere in the world? How many times have you seen that image of an airplane wing taken from inside the cabin? And will you really stop to look at an obligatory tour group photo taken in front of the bus?

If you’re planning to go on vacation anytime soon and intend to keep the world apprised of the highlights of your adventure, you may want to think of ways to come up with distinctive photos that will not only remind you of the great moments you’ve had, but will also merit a second look and lots of likes when you post them on social media.

Of course, the first step to getting great photos is to have a good camera. Fortunately, you don’t need to lug around a bulky SLR camera to take picture-perfect images, especially if you have a cutting-edge smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+. With its 5-megapixel front camera and 16-megapixel rear camera, with F1.9 lens and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), you can take picture perfect images of your vacation highlights. On the other hand, its 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display on its seemingly borderless dual-edge screen offers unprecedented multimedia capabilities: its deeper screen contrast and superb detail will translate into thumb-stopping images that you and your friends will rave over.

Here are some reminders to help you come up with good vacation shots that you would be proud to post on your social media account:

Don’t take mediocre photos. Compose a good photo in your mind so that you don’t end up taking a pile of blah shots that’s best deleted from your phone. Don’t limit your photos to popular landmarks that everyone has probably seen on the internet anyway. Who needs to see another shot of the Golden Gate bridge or the Eiffel Tower? Capture moments that show ordinary but quirky scenes that you don’t see in all tourist traps. Be quick to snap those photos. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ has a Quick Launch feature that lets you capture moments in under a sixth of a second (0.6 second) – by just pressing the home button twice.

Play with lighting. Lighting can add drama to your photos. Don’t limit yourself to daytime shots; the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ also offers Auto High Dynamic Rage (HDR), letting you take clear photos even in low light conditions. Take photos of the horizon at different times of the day. Just as you’d like to remember how serene the beach looked at sunrise, and the changing colors of the sea throughout the day, you would also want to remember the glow of the lanterns that lit the island at night.
Capture & Share live moments using video. Take videos of one-of-a-kind moments that are worth documenting—your daughter squealing in delight as she rides the mini train, or your dog emerging from the water with the trout he has captured. If you are using the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, you can make use of its Shake-Free Video feature, which helps create sharp, crisp 4K videos on the go, making it easy to shoot clear videos even if you are on the move. You can even share those great moments in real time. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ has the Live Broadcast feature that lets you do a live streaming session on YouTube® directly from the smart phone’s camera.

Strike a pose. Whether you’re feeling sexy in a bikini or have been dying to wear boots, and scarves, take advantage of the moment by snapping a selfie. Afraid that your trip has made you look a little tired? Enable your phone’s Beauty Face for a quick fix. And if you’re feeling a little camera shy, drag in as many friends into the frame! Samsung’s wide-angle camera turns selfies into groufies with its 120 degree wide-angle lens.

Use catchy captions. Come up with witty captions that would draw people’s attention to your photos. Captions serve as a good hook and let people understand your photos better.

Be creative. Play with your images. You can post process your photos with the built-in features and filters of the Galaxy S6 edge+ to add depth to photos or make them more interesting. Make sure to crop unnecessary images in the background to remove any distractions.  

Experiment. Create colorful collages of photos. You can also use the Video Collage Mode to record and edit short videos easily in various frames and effects.

Simply put, if you want your vacation photos to truly stand out, you need the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ that offers the next level camera that allows users to capture brighter, blur-less photos and shake-free videos, all perfect for photo sharing, video-collages and live broadcasting. Not to mention its biggest dual edge display feature that offers the best viewing experience one can ever have.