Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Rex Education offers free books, discounts, and exciting deals at MIBF 2023

 Are you looking for budget-friendly quality books and educational materials? Rex Education has got you covered! As part of its continued participation in the renowned Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), this year, REX treats book lovers, young and adult learners, parents, educators, and other professionals with free tickets, exclusive discounts, promotions, and fun and exciting activities.

The 44th MIBF will be held from September 14–17, 10:00 AM–8:00 PM, at the SMX Convention Center Manila, which has become the fair’s home for many years. More than an event, MIBF is a platform for beneficial partnerships highlighting more than 200 local and international exhibitors, showcasing the largest and most comprehensive selection of books, educational resources, and engaging activities for everyone. It has been attended by more than 160,000 visitors consistently in the last 3 years—all gathered for one purpose—to celebrate books!

Whether you are a first-time visitor or a long-time fan, getting entrance tickets is now a breeze. All you need to do is register with Rex Education through this link: and save the e-ticket to enter the venue. Also, make sure to put Rex Education as the invitation source when you register. Registration is open until September 8, so sign up early and claim limited freebies, including free college books.

Along with freebies, REX will also provide exclusive discounts on storybooks, activity books, and educational materials, including bestsellers in Basic Education, Higher Education, and Law. Prepare your shopping list now and visit the REX booth as early as possible to get your much-needed books.

Moreover, you can seal great deals with REX's Bookay-Bookay, where you can avail of K–12 books for as low as PHP 50.00 and college books for PHP 100.00 or less. Take advantage of up to 50% discount on selected titles, and join the raffle to win additional prizes.

Yes, there’s more from REX! For extra fun and creative experiences, REX will also host a face painting activity to nurture the artistic expressions of your little explorers. A storytelling activity will also be featured to keep them entertained and engaged while learning. Lastly, what a great opportunity to capture memories through a roving photographer! So, celebrate books, visit the Rex Education booth, and satisfy your book cravings.

Championing lifelong learning at MIBF
MIBF is essential to Rex Education's advocacy of championing education. It offers an excellent opportunity for REX to spread its mission of nurturing every child for lifelong learning, inspiring every individual to advance oneself, uplifting others, and sustaining the environment for a better world. It has been a cherished tradition for REX to participate in the fair to provide access to more affordable, high-quality books and educational resources.
With the theme "Masterpieces of Human Civilization with UNESCO Highlights," this year's booth will be greatly inspired by and will feature 12 countries and their most significant contributions to human civilization, including artifacts and UNESCO tidbits. These countries are Iraq, India, Egypt, China, Mexico, Greece, Iran, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the USA, and the Philippines.
The MIBF, the Philippines' largest and longest-running book fair, brings together local and international exhibitors, authors, and book lovers, celebrating books and collaborating and converging for the love of reading and learning.

For more updates on Rex Education's MIBF offers and promos, follow REX’s Facebook page and Instagram page, or visit the MIBF official website at Stay tuned, and see you at the fair!

Acer wins 12 Red Dot Awards, including Acer Day #MakeYourGreenMark campaign spearheaded by Acer Philippines


The Acer Day #MakeYourGreenMark campaign received a Red Dot award for Advertising and 11 other awards for the brand’s initiatives in this year’s Brand and Communication Design ballot, marking the largest number of winning entries for Acer in this competition.


The Acer Day #MakeYourGreenMark campaign’s unique call to action helped amplify Acer’s sustainability message through a combination of innovative promotions, CSR partnerships, and event entertainment.


For the campaign, Acer rallied 18 global ambassadors from seven Asia Pacific regions to champion the #MakeYourGreenMark campaign, amplifying the brand’s message to millions across the globe. The result was a groundbreaking campaign that changed the direction of global sustainability efforts, confirming Acer’s commitment to a more sustainable future.


Acer Philippines staged a “Green Mark” concert featuring a line-up of famous Filipino artists, and fans earned tickets through green initiatives like donations to The Green Earth Heritage Foundation and plastic contributions to The Plastic Flamingo. This made the event a milestone in environmental commitment.



The concert was attended by 15,000 on-ground and online fans and reached over 714 million people worldwide. More importantly, the campaign raised funds amounting to over Php1 million that will be used to plant 5,401 trees to help in forest rehabilitation efforts and a donation of over 20 metric tons of plastic to be transformed into a range of sustainable construction materials.


Acer's pioneering #Acer21DayChallenge sparked a significant movement for the environment, amplified by Acer and Predator ambassadors such as Sarah Geronimo, SB19, and Alodia Gosiengfiao. This initiative reached an astounding 6.5 million users in the Philippines and was further amplified through TikTok's viral influence, showcasing how creative engagement can drive global efforts toward a more sustainable tomorrow.


Since 1993, the world-renowned Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design competition has encouraged designers and companies to take part by submitting their projects for the assessment of its international jury. The contest celebrates the success of these creative campaigns and their artists and has helped increase the visibility and credibility of brands and projects within the international design community.


Visit Acer’s official social media pages for more details - Facebook (@acerPH), Instagram (@acerph), Twitter (@acerphils), or through the official website

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Next-Generation Oracle Exadata X10M Delivers Extreme Scale and Dramatically Improved Price Performance

 Oracle introduced the latest generation of the Oracle Exadata platforms, the X10M, delivering unrivaled performance and availability for all Oracle Database workloads. Starting at the same price as the previous generation, these platforms support higher levels of database consolidation with more capacity and offer dramatically greater value than previous generations. Thousands of organizations, large and small, run their most critical and demanding workloads on Oracle Exadata including the majority of the largest financial, telecom, and retail businesses in the world. 

“Our 12th generation Oracle Exadata X10M continues our strategy to provide customers with extreme scale, performance, and value, and we will make it available everywhere—in the cloud and on-premises,” said Juan Loaiza, executive vice president, Mission-Critical Database Technologies, Oracle. “Customers that choose cloud deployments also benefit from running Oracle Autonomous Database, which further lowers costs by delivering true pay-per-use and eliminating database and infrastructure administration.”

Available now in both Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer and Oracle Exadata Database Machine, the new Exadata X10M platforms feature 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors. With up to 3X more cores in database servers and 2X more cores in storage servers compared to the previous generation, Exadata X10M platforms deliver up to 3X higher transaction throughput and up to 3.6X faster analytic queries. Exadata X10M’s high-capacity storage servers can now hold 22 percent more data, while all-flash storage servers now offer 2.4X the capacity of the previous systems. In addition, database servers now support 50 percent higher memory capacity—enabling more databases to run on the same system. 

“AMD EPYC CPUs were designed from the ground up to achieve three key goals—deliver more performance for complex data center workloads, reduce latency with larger, better-designed caches, and increase throughput with more cores per socket. It is ideally suited for mission-critical database workloads,” said Mark Papermaster, executive vice president and chief technology officer, AMD. “Our engineers worked closely with Oracle to ensure the Exadata X10M based on 4th generation AMD EPYC processors, with 96 cores per socket, is a balanced configuration that enables near-linear scalability and improved energy efficiency for database workloads.” 

The combination of improved price performance and more storage and memory capacity enables greater levels of database consolidation and dramatically lowers costs for all database workloads. The greater compute and storage density offered by Exadata X10M platforms also reduce the size of the systems that customers require to meet their needs, lowering data center costs for power, cooling, and floor space, and improving data center sustainability. In addition, with its large scale, simple expandability, and affordable consumption pricing, Exadata Cloud@Customer X10M enables customers to easily deploy incremental development, testing, and production environments without adding servers or systems.

Organizations can scale out their Exadata X10M infrastructure by adding individual database or storage servers, allowing them to tailor their configurations to meet immediate needs and expand them in the future should those needs change. Oracle’s Real Application Clusters technology uniquely enables scaling and planned maintenance while databases are fully online for both mission-critical online transaction processing (OLTP) and data warehouse workloads. 

Cloud automation in enterprise data centers with Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer

Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer is a key component of Oracle’s distributed cloud strategy, offering customers the benefits of cloud with greater control over data residency, locality, and authority. Exadata Cloud@Customer is the only platform that runs both Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Exadata Database Service in customer data centers. Autonomous Database automates routine, manual data management tasks including tuning, patching, and provisioning. In addition, Autonomous Database can automatically scale consumption up and down as workloads change, allowing organizations to run them faster when demand increases and reduce resource consumption and costs when demand decreases. With Autonomous Database, customers avoid over-provisioning of resources and only pay for their actual consumption.

Customer and Analyst Quotes

“At PayPal, we understand that microseconds matter, and fast physical I/O is essential for exceptional customer satisfaction. To meet the demands of our large workloads and ensure lightning-fast response times, we have currently chosen to modernize our IT Infrastructure with Oracle Exadata X10M,” said Akash Guha, director of Transaction Processing and Data Services Enterprise Data Platform, PayPal. “With Exadata X10M, we expect to seamlessly handle the immense demands of our operations, delivering outstanding performance, and exceeding the needs of our valued customers. We have trust in our exciting new relationship with Oracle to deliver exceptional results and drive continuous improvement.” 

“Now in its 12th generation, Oracle’s latest release of Exadata points the spotlight at the power of density, and how it has changed what’s possible with commodity infrastructure. Tripling to 96 cores was long unthinkable outside of the world of specialized eight-socket machines. But with Exadata X10M, Oracle has shifted gears to work with AMD which has broken the scaling barrier on standard two-socket units,” said Tony Baer, principal, dbInsight. “Paired with leading-edge capabilities such as RDMA, Oracle customers can continue to be assured that Exadata’s scale and performance will grow with their needs. Running Oracle Database on anything but Exadata fits the definition of insanity: keep running on the same hardware but expecting different results.” 

“Oracle Exadata X10M and Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer X10M maintain the highest degree of identicality across both cloud and on-premises implementations, remarkably even while moving the underlying CPU architecture to AMD EPYC processors,” said Holger Mueller, principal analyst and vice president, Constellation Research. “Now in its 12th generation, Oracle Exadata engineering continues to innovate the hardware and software architecture to deliver more than triple better performance for OLTP and analytics workloads. The combination of higher performance and greater capacity enable customers to consolidate databases and reduce operational costs, while increasing reliability and performance and lowering data center costs—including power and cooling, which help sustainability efforts.” 

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Taiwan products that are #DasurvNatinDito


WHEN we visit first world countries such as Taiwan, you discover good finds or products that you would wish to be available here in the Philippines too -- products that we can really say as #DasurvNatinDito.


But only few people know that, with the global ecosystem now, those amazing brands and products, would actually love to be brought here in the Philippines, for Pinoys to also experience the same premium quality that is worth the buck, and will surely last. Of course, you got to check if it is recognized as Taiwan Excellence standard!


Here are some Taiwan Excellence products that are created out of witty innovation, forward-thinking, strict quality standard, and some simple logic, that fellow Pinoys will definitely say #DasurvNatinDito:


The Maktar Qubii Duo backs up your phone files while you recharge! A tiny cube-like device provides ultra-fast charging, and functions as an advanced automatic back-up for Apple or Android devices. It can store photos, 4K videos, contacts, music, and other files securely offline with smart automatic backup, an extensive storage space up to a whopping 2TB! It has two-factor authentication security for your peace of mind. Just plug your device, download the free Qubii app, and you’re good to go. #DasurvNatinDito, right?



For the health-conscious Pinoys who regularly monitor their health, the Oserio Wireless Body Composition and Cardio Scale is the product which is #DasurvNatinDito. It analyzes body composition and heart rate in a jiffy and in the most convenient manner. For the gym buffs, it can also evaluate training effectiveness. Best is that you don’t have to keep a journal of your results because the Oserio, which is a wireless heart rate monitor and body fat meter, can automatically sync them with your smartphone using the free O’care app that’s available for both iOs and Android devices.



A high-speed USB Flash Drive that is water proof, works as a bottle opener, ruler, keychain, and carton tape cutter! TeamGroup’s T183 USB Flash Drive is made of a special coating to make it rust- and corrosion-proof to avoid data corruption and data loss. It works hard with you, and definitely plays hard too! #DasurvNatinDito

·        For those with various muscle aches and pains after a workout or a long day at work, or those nursing a fever, taking care of these is now made simpler and more effective with the Aurai Shield Hot and Cold Patch device. It offers four temperature modes – Cold, Cool, Warm, and Hot, with intelligent and safe constant temperature control to get a soothing and calming effect. It is a wearable device that comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, so you can bring it wherever, whenever. It’s so cool and warmly thought of product, that #DasurvNatinDito!

·        Make everything twice as easy with the Transcend Six-in-One USB Type C HUB5C, a USB hub with a reversible USB Type-C connector that comes with a USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface for outstanding data transfer rates for any Type-C device. Its  functions further simplified, with its slim and lightweight form that allows you to also connect with other peripheral such as mice, keyboards, external hard drives, even SD or microSD cards for faster reading of files directly from a laptop and other digital devices. Transferring data simultaneously? #DasurvNatinDito yan!


These five products are just some of the world class Taiwan products which deserved the recognition of Taiwan Excellence, which will surely be loved by Filipinos when brought here in the Philippines. If you are interested to buy or resell these products, simply register at (

For more information about the Taiwan Excellence and its programs and activities here in PH, simply follow and