Sunday, June 23, 2024

Make No Room for Online Pirated Content: Protect Your Data, Report Suspicious Websites, Buy Original

As we gear up for another school year, we face piracy threats with online publications at our fingertips. Books and other learning resources are becoming increasingly accessible, influencing how we study and learn. How safe are our learners, teachers, schools, publishers, and institutions in this environment? The recent cyberattack on the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) reveals the serious risks we face.
On April 2, local hackers breached the DOST network, compromising two terabytes of data, including personal information of employees and research plans, designs, and schematics. This incident underscores the vulnerability of online platforms to data breaches, particularly when cybersecurity measures are not regularly maintained, monitored, updated, and enhanced.
Protecting our online identity, fighting piracy, and supporting copyrighted content are crucial. Individually, we can secure online learning environments by teaching students to safeguard their personal data. This includes securing devices, avoiding public Wi-Fi, using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and accessing only licensed learning management systems. Schools can configure desktops and laptops to prevent downloading certain file formats, especially scanned PDFs of textbooks. Learners and school personnel should practice these precautions at home and report suspicious websites.
Beyond data security and piracy risks, there is an important ethical aspect. Using pirated content infringes on copyright, undermines the hard work of content creators, jeopardizes their livelihood, and diminishes the recognition of their creativity and original work. Buying original content from legitimate sources shows respect for intellectual property rights, promotes integrity, and supports content creators.
Moreover, opting for original content benefits users, given the rigorous book development processes that help ensure high-quality, accurate information. By sourcing textbooks from legitimate providers, we can contribute to the fight against piracy, and at the same time, secure better learning experiences.
In addition to individual efforts, the government must advocate for and support content creators and book developers. Stronger anti-piracy laws and rigorous enforcement are essential, and public support and vigilance are crucial.
We must unite in this fight—society needs to stand together against piracy and uphold integrity in education.
As we start this new academic year, let us commit to being cybersafe and ethical in our use of online content. We can make smart, ethical choices. Say NO to piracy!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Global call for proposals for “Go Green with Taiwan” campaign launched today


WITH the success of its “Sharing is Caring” campaign more than three years ago, the Taiwan International Trade Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs (TITA, MOEA) and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) launched today another global contest where anyone can submit program ideas aimed at making the world green again through the use of Taiwan products.


Called “Go Green with Taiwan,” the global sustainability program concept contest, hopes to inspire any group to come up with interesting ideas that will foster technological cooperation in making an environmentally and economically sustainable future possible, using products and solutions from Taiwan, a country that has achieved global renown for technologically advanced and life-changing innovations.


“Go Green with Taiwan” contest is open to participants who are either part of a company or any institution, such as colleges or universities, non-government organizations, public associations, among others. Submission of entries is made convenient by just filling out the online form and questionnaire:


All submitted proposals will go through a qualification phase and will be reviewed further by a panel of environmental sustainability experts until the grand finals. Proposals will be evaluated for their excellence in four (4) categories: environmental and economic sustainability, feasibility, innovation, and the relevant use of products or solutions from Taiwan.


A total of Six finalists will get free round-trip tickets to Taiwan, including accommodations and other travel expenses. Three of the most outstanding proposals shall receive US$20,000 as prize money. The deadline for submission of proposals is on August 31, 2024. Winners will be announced by late December 2024.


According to TAITRA Chairman James Huang, they collectively promote the stories of Taiwanese enterprises' pursuit of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects to the international community. "Go Green with Taiwan" serves as an important gateway for international partners to first understand Taiwan's path to sustainability, where people around the world can learn how to find suitable partners in Taiwan for the future.


“Through the global call for proposals, we aspire not only to pursue business and technical cooperation but also to encourage Taiwanese industries to understand global sustainability issues and go international, creating more touching stories,” TAITRA Chairman Huang added.


Ms. Cynthia Kiang, General Director of TITA, emphasizes that with the specter of global climate change and rising energy demands facing the world today, many countries agree that developing green energy and a sustainable economy has become even more imperative, with carbon reduction and green sustainability as vital components in this crucial mission.


“To achieve this important goal, the government will actively collaborate closely with industries. Facing the climate crisis, we must resolutely implement the net-zero transition and promote ‘net-zero emissions’ and ‘clean energy’ without delay,” TITA General Director Kiang said.


She pointed out that Taiwan’s green industry boasts of advanced technologies, abundant software and hardware resources, a well-established R&D environment, and high-quality talent, that can produce stable and high value-added green materials and related products, making it an ideal partner for the international development of green energy and a sustainable economy, Ms. Kiang said in her remarks during the launch.


Dir. Kiang also emphasized that “Go Green with Taiwan” will fully showcase the joint efforts of the international community and Taiwan towards the sustainable development of the Earth, while the government will also continue to assist businesses and strive for more green business opportunities for them. “We firmly believe that Taiwan can contribute more to the international promotion of the sustainable green energy industry and make its significant contribution to environmental sustainability.”


For more details about “Go Green with Taiwan,” visit For updates on “Go Green with Taiwan” activities, follow Taiwan Excellence on Facebook and Instagram,

Monday, June 10, 2024

20 years of BDO ShopMore Mastercard: MORE Rewards, MORE Fun!


BDO Unibank celebrates the 20th anniversary of BDO ShopMore Mastercard by relaunching it with exciting new benefits and three new vibrant card designs, which applicants can choose from when they sign up.


Made from 100% recycled plastic, the new and improved BDO ShopMore Mastercard offers more rewards for more fun, such as:

·       FREE Membership Fee on the first year

·       250 Welcome Bonus Peso Points after the first purchase

·       2x Peso Points from everyday everywhere purchases

·       Extra Cashback instant savings, and year-round exclusive deals from in-store and online purchases from select partners*

·       Discounts on dining and food deliveries from select partners*

·       Buy Now, Pay Later deals from over 20,000 stores with 0% interest

*Terms and Conditions apply


“Enhancing BDO ShopMore Mastercard is our way of thanking our loyal clients and inviting new ones to enjoy its benefits,” said Ma. Nannette R. Regala, BDO Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Banking Group Marketing. “For two decades, BDO ShopMore Mastercard has been an indispensable shopping partner for many Filipinos. With a simple dip, tap, or using BDO Pay scan-to-pay, it has allowed users to bring home essential items that make their lives more convenient and rewarding.”


As the market also shifted to digital payments, ShopMore Mastercard cardholders have come to experience the safety and convenience of online shopping through trusted apps and websites. Cardholders can benefit from year-round offers from BDO’s partnerships with top eCommerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, GrabFood, and foodpanda to name a few, and enjoy discounts with restaurants offering as much as 50% off. It’s definitely a more colorful and more fun shopping experience as ShopMore Mastercard cardholders can also choose from different installment options that fit their budget and lifestyle.


They can also use it abroad; BDO ShopMore Mastercard is accepted in over 20 million locations in around 275 countries and territories.


In commemoration of its two decades in the market, BDO is setting up booths in SM Megamall (Mega Fashion Hall) on May 28, SM Seaside City Cebu (Mountain Wing) on June 21, and SM North Edsa (The Block Event Area) on August 8 for clients and mall-goers to rediscover and appreciate BDO ShopMore Mastercard’s benefits and rewards.


Experience More Rewards, More Fun with the all-new BDO ShopMore Mastercard. Get yours today! Visit the ShopMore booths or apply online at

Saturday, May 11, 2024

New Technology and the Tradition of Excellence: Breville Philippines joins CCA’s Future of Food 2024 Conference

Sen/ Loren Legarda

The Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) Manila hosted a one-day conference dubbed The Future of Food powered by Courage Asia. Discussed in the conference was a range of topics that give insight into improving not only the business side of the industry, but also looking back to traditions in search of ways forward.

This is further highlighted by the keynote address of Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda when she expounded on how food systems are threatened by climate change and how it can be possibly mitigated, “I believe we draw hope from the wisdom passed down by our ancestors, the resilience of their food systems, and the innovativeness of our people. The future of food is not just about what we eat, but what it went through and how we consume it.”


A little over a dozen speakers talked about sustainable practices that help food producers directly connect with restaurants, conservation of food cultures by passing on local traditions and understanding the rich diversity of the country’s local and indigenous ingredients, and elevating the dining experience through best practices and with the aid of new technology.


The future of food, especially here in the Philippines, calls for more supporters and practitioners to champion these advocacies to ensure that the legacy of the country’s rich culinary heritage will be passed on.

Chef Philip Golding


CCA’s Culinary Director and Culinary Advisor of Breville Philippines, Chef Philip John Golding focused on how Technology Trends in the Kitchen can build on CCA’s tradition of honing exceptional culinary talents, who can push the boundaries of gastronomy and elevate Filipino cuisine to new heights through smart technology.


“The technology that we now use are extremely relevant for the future,” Chef Golding highlighted some of the new tools that they are starting to use in CCA campuses, “digital kitchen or connected kitchen refers to a kitchen equipped with advanced technology and digital tools to enhance efficiency, productivity, and functionality.”


He elaborated further that by integrating digital and smart devices, it can streamline kitchen operations with its advanced software and systems and improve the cooking process.


“Some of these advanced features and components are already commonly found in digital professional kitchens; these include intelligent cooking appliances such as smart ovens, induction cooktops, sous vide machines, and smart refrigerators.”


Chef Golding explained that these appliances often come with built in sensors, connectivity features, and programmable settings to optimize cooking processes and ensure precise results. This is important most especially for professional kitchens that thrive on consistency with every dish that comes out of the counter.


His presentation featured the Smart Oven™ Air Fryer by Breville which can cook multiple different foods with different cooking techniques. Its Element iQ® System is a combination of technologies that allows heat to move around the oven when and where it's needed to create the ultimate cooking environment. This enables, not only chefs and culinary professionals but also home cooks, to have repeatable and good quality results with ease and mastery.

The Smart Oven Air Fryer


Throughout the conference, attendees were treated to free-flowing coffee by Breville’s baristas, serving espresso, a humble cup of joe, or lattes elevated with the freshest milk from Emborg. Everything was made fresh and with ease through an array of Breville coffee equipment—from the precise grinding and dosing of the Smart Grinder Pro™, brewing craft filter coffee with the Precision Brewer™ Thermal, and for that specialty espresso with the Dual Boiler™ and silky microfoam milk for latte with the Bambino® Plus—all of which are great additions to a coffee-lover’s countertop.


During a panel discussion, a question was raised on how human labor is safeguarded with the rise of increasingly smart technology in the kitchen. Chef Golding aptly answered, “It’s not a threat.”

Breville Team


Being in the industry for decades, he has seen kitchens that were gloomy, hot, and sweaty. He also explained further that technology has allowed paving a more diverse workforce in the kitchen as equipment and appliances have become more manageable.


“We should embrace new technology, and it shouldn’t take us away from our core business of competency. We think it’s a huge plus, but we still need people to manage all these things for our industry.” This only emphasizes that any kitchen appliance or equipment, no matter how much it eases cooking processes, is still a tool for any chef or home cook who has the imagination to innovate in the culinary arts.


If you are looking for kitchen equipment that allows you to cook with more ease, while thinking of coming up with dishes that you haven’t tried cooking before, what you need is a smart appliance that can help you learn and understand more cooking techniques.


For more information about Breville’s products, visit their website here. You can also follow their FacebookTiktok, and Instagram accounts to keep updated on their releases and events.