Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Change your viewing habits with the Acer K138ST short-throw projector

It is always great to look forward to weekends or long vacations to be able watch your favorite movie, TV series, musical spectacles or must-love sporting events.

But great as it may be, wouldn’t you want to change your viewing habits a little bit by watching your favorite content on a much bigger screen? No, it’s not about investing on a bigger TV; it’s about choosing a meaningful option for you to “up the ante” in your home entertainment and give it a more cinematic experience.

Then the best choice should be the Acer K138ST short-throw projector, a name you can rely on when it comes to spearheading a silver-screen revolution and change your movie night habits right at the comforts of your own home.

When upgrading your home entertainment system in your living room, it should not be seen as a luxury anymore because the Acer K138ST short-throw projector can definitely make home entertainment even more inviting—and more appealing to your family, relatives, or best buds during movie night on a lazy weekend.

Catch all the cinematic details in both visuals and audio through the Acer K138ST short-throw projector’s features that are at par with home theater requirements. In terms of visual clarity, the Acer K138ST is a Digital Light Processing or DLP projector and its biggest advantages against LCD or Liquid Crystal Display projectors is that contrast is more pronounced in DLPs, plus the fact that the Acer K138ST has LumiSense+ that dynamically optimizes images for those ultra-realistic visuals, thanks to the enhanced dark-detail visibility and color saturation features.

Also, DLP projectors are more compact, easier to carry around for greater mobility and great to use in small spaces (living room, office meeting room, etc.) since it’s so flexible to install. And because the Acer K138ST is a short-throw projector, all you need is a 1.7m distance to be able to project a 100-inch screen. Definitely, this feature makes you enjoy viewing any type of content on a much bigger screen landscape. All you’d need is a bowl of popcorn, chips and soda and you’re ready to go.

Consider these other features of the Acer K138ST short-throw projector like the 800-lumens projection power, WXGA or Wide XGA graphics display resolution, an unbelievable 30,000 hour LED lamp life, ColorBoost 3D and Color Safe II, both advanced technologies for more authentic and realistic images and unmatched color fidelity. Even after thousands of hours of usage, you can rely on the Acer K138ST to provide unfailing natural colors and bring unparalleled viewing pleasure to you and your viewing companions.

So you don’t have to buy larger and more expensive TVs just to create a silver screen revolution right at your home. Just think smart and be practical. Choose the Acer K138ST as your smart and practical solution to your desired cinematic, large-screen quality viewing with your family and friends any time of the year.

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