Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fixing Common Problems in Pen Drive

In today's fast-paced world, USB Flash drives or Pen drives are one of the most convenient sources for carrying and sharing huge amount of information.They are designed with a specific purpose of storing, backing up data and to facilitate exchange of files. You can find pen drives under several brand names and storage capacity. Even though the pen drives hold so many advantages, there are times when they don’t turn out to be helpful. These are the times when either an error or some issue renders these pen drives in an inoperable state.

Troubles With Pen Drives

At times when you plug in your Kingston pen drive in your system, you encounter some trouble working with the pen drive. Some of the errors or issues that every pen drive user may have come across are:

    a. When the plugged in pen drive needs to be removed and for this the users click on Safely Remove Hardware… option, an error, Generic Volume Cannot Be Stopped Right Now.If the user removes the pen drive even when this message is shown, it can lead to data loss from the pen drive
    b. Write Protection Errors can arise in a pen drive when a user performs any write operation or tries to delete some data on a pen drive which is Write Protected.
    c. Also you may have noticed, that when you plug in your pen drive in the system, it is identified and detected, but is not shown in My Computer. This can be a result of problems in disk management.   

    d.In some cases when a user tries to format his/her  pen drive, it happens that a dialogue box appears stating that Do You Want To Format Your Pen Drive?This can happen due to hardware fault in the pen drive or due to presence of viruses in your pen drive. In case the drive is formatted, the complete data is lost.
    e. One of the USB device attached to your computer has malfunctioned is one of the frequent errors which a user comes across while using a pen drive. In this case the data present in the drive can be completely wiped out.

How to Resolve Issues in  Pen Drive?
All of the above mentioned casescan lead to loss of data residing in the pen drives. In case you have also experienced such a scenario and seek to recover your data, then it is advised to deployPen Drive Recovery software. The software is designed to recover the data of the pen drive, wiped out due to corruption, hardware or virus issues. It even successfully perform recovery of deleted data from the  pen drive after it is formatted.The software ensures complete data recovery and does no compromise with the data.

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