Sunday, May 7, 2023

P&G Philippines celebrates 2023 Sustainability Summit


P&G Philippines employees in the Manila General Office (top photo) and in the Cabuyao Plant (bottom photo) attend the annual summit.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) Philippines encouraged employees to participate in the company’s sustainability efforts towards achieving their Ambition 2030 and Net Zero 2040 goals during their annual Sustainability Summit held last April 27 at the Manila General Office and Cabuyao Plant.


Since the company declared its global Ambition 2030 and Net Zero 2040 commitments, P&G Philippines has strengthened its sustainability efforts across its business operations to minimize their greenhouse gas emissions and waste footprint, create products that make responsible consumption irresistible for people everywhere, and innovate with the best and safest ingredients from both science and nature.


P&G Philippines President and General Manager, Raffy Fajardo, highlighted their constant integration of sustainability practices into brand innovations, supply chain operations, and employee engagement. These include their employee-led Project LESS program for waste reduction solutions in P&G’s in-store and online retailing operations and their recently-concluded mangrove tree planting in Batangas, among others. Leaders from P&G’s Cabuyao Plant also discussed their deliberate recycling efforts as a zero-manufacturing waste-to-landfill plant.


P&G Philippines President and General Manager, Raffy Fajardo (top photo) and Communications Director, Anna Legarda (bottom photo) discussing P&G’s Ambition 2030 commitments.

Besides these ongoing initiatives, forward-moving plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2040 are already in the works. P&G Philippines Communications Director, Anna Legarda, also touched on enabling responsible consumption for consumers and shoppers. The goals intentionally design for more sustainable operations across the full product journey, from its sourcing and manufacturing all the way to its use by end consumers and end of life disposal.


Environmental sustainability and responsible consumption for consumers are the cornerstones of the way P&G does its business, from raw material sourcing to supply chain, to retail operations, and even to workplace policy and culture. With the goal of creating a nature-positive future, P&G is continuously developing and implementing sustainable solutions throughout its operations, investments, and partnerships.



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