Saturday, May 27, 2023

Earth+Lens 2023 promotes conservation of Philippine forests via HUAWEI P60 Pro lens

Manila Bulletin’s annual photo exhibit that highlights the beauty of Mother Nature returns anew with this year’s theme putting the spotlight on the Philippine Forest. Aptly titled, Fragments of Entirety, MB’s  Earth+Lens aims to magnify the natural beauty of the Philippines alongside spreading the importance of environmental sustainability.

This year’s Earth+Lens will highlight the grandeur of the micro and macro elements of the Philippine forests with its theme ‘Fragments of Entirety’. The 2023 photo exhibit which opens today at SM Aura in Taguig City aims to spread awareness on what needs to be protected and call-to-action for the public to start a pledge on forest protection, dealing with the threat of the daily decrease in Philippines’ forest cover that endangers wildlife and affects forest-dependent communities.

“Through this year's Earth+Lens photo exhibit, we encourage the Filipino nation to reflect on our collective responsibility to protect and conserve our forests. These forests hold within them a tremendous wealth of biodiversity. Many species of amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles that reside in our forests are endemic, as they exist in no other country. Likewise, there are thousands of species of vascular plants that are also endemic. As stewards of our country's share of the world's natural wealth, let us do our part in conserving these precious fragments of the entirety of God's creation.  We thank our partners --- HUAWEI, the Department of Tourism and SM Aura --- for joining us in this vital endeavor,” said Herminio “Sonny” Coloma, Jr., Manila Bulletin Publisher.


Sharing the same goal of strengthening and further promoting the country's eco-tourism, the Manila Bulletin collaborated with the Department of Tourism (DOT) for this annual photo showcase. The Department of Tourism is a staunch supporter of Manila Bulletin’s Earth + Lens as this year’s edition marks the third year of the annual partnership. 

 Joining again on this year’s edition is another long-time partner of Manila Bulletin’s Earth+Lens, HUAWEI. Similar to previous partnerships, HUAWEI will enable the content producers with tools to capture the magnificence of Philippine forest via its latest phone model, the HUAWEI P60 Pro.  It has the latest tech capabilities that can capture vivid micro and macro images which befits Earth+Lens’ goal to highlight pieces that make up a woodland. The HUAWEI P60 Pro’s Ultra Lighting Telephoto Camera allows taking pristine-looking photos from great distances, may it be day or night. A perfect feature to showcase forest scenes from afar whether under gloomy weather or broad daylight. Its Super Macro gives a new level of detail that can help unravel beauty hiding in plain sight.

“HUAWEI has always prioritized sustainability in the advancement of our products. This partnership has given us the opportunity to yet again be part of an important endeavor that promotes the conservation of Philippine forests by sharing stunning images caught by the lens of our HUAWEI P60 Pro. With the awareness of the rich and vibrant flora and fauna, we hope that this inspires everyone to help protect the environment,” said Peter Peng, Country Head of HUAWEI Philippines Consumer Business Group.


Photos to be exhibited are taken by select photographers from Manila Bulletin and known photographers in the field, following immersive forest photowalks in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Staying true to the campaign’s core mission, photos captured by the latest HUAWEI P60 Pro are printed on fabric canvas using eco-solvent ink. 

The comeback of the on-ground activity happened today with Manila Bulletin Earth+Lens to officially launch the event in partnership with the DOT, and HUAWEI, who have long been advocating eco-tourism and supporting Earth+Lens for several years. The exhibit is being held at SM Aura which is also the official venue partner for this year’s edition. 

Immerse in the magnificence of the country’s forests through the photo is on displays during the Earth+Lens 2023 exhibit only on May 27-28 at SM Aura, BGC, Level 3 Atrium.

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