Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Samsung sets the bar high in selfie craze

Filipinos just love posting their #blessed and #thankful moments with friends and family by means of a #selfie. As this trend becomes increasingly popular, Samsung introduces the best selfie device which offers the best-in-class upgraded selfie experience.

The selfie struggle is real
Given that the Philippines is home of fun-loving Filipinos who treat every single life event as an occasion worth celebrating and documenting. In fact, the Philippines is known as the selfie capital of the world. Selfies correspond to stories we want to tell the world— memories we want to preserve at its finest. Nevertheless, our best attempts could still fall short.

It usually takes about five failed selfie shots before a woman settles for the sixth to be shared in social media. Men are just as concerned about getting that perfect snap as they settle only after the fourth attempt.

Admit it or not, a post-worthy slash like-worthy selfie requires a great deal of time and effort. It takes a good number of minutes looking for decent lighting, finding a good background, getting a right angle, and finally selecting a filter before hitting the share button. Sometimes, you settle with one that’s too dark or a bit blurred or has someone cropped out of the frame. Now the question is: how do you best capture selfie-worthy moments at an arm’s length?

Your selfie-ready, selfie-friendly smartphone is now here
Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation unveils the Galaxy J Series - Samsung’s best-in-class smartphones that upgrade your selfies to perfect J-Fies. With a 5MP front camera equipped with LED Flash, multiple J-Fie features and large super AMOLED screen, the 5.0” Galaxy J5 and 5.5” Galaxy J7 definitely set the bar high in the selfie arena. The days of so-so selfies will soon be gone as the new Samsung Galaxy J Series usher in the new age with an upgraded J-Fie experience.

The special J-Fie features make it effortless to achieve a flawless shot whenever and wherever. You can take your J-Fies in dark conditions with the LED Front Flash, make the whole gang fit with the wide angle selfie feature, make sure that no fingers are blocking the photo and that challenging angles are made easy by using the palm selfie feature, and instantly touch up and look fab by simply sliding various beauty face options. Out in the sun or inside a cave, during a party or while at a workout session, your Galaxy J Series will yield nothing but exceptional J-Fies.

Now you never have to worry when you run into a celebrity, or go out on a trip with the family, or simply pose for a #ootd.  Go ahead and upgrade your so-so selfies into no-fail J-Fies with the new Samsung Galaxy J-series! Capture life’s best with only the best.

Try out the new Samsung Galaxy J Series at a Samsung Experience Store near you. Get updates on products and launches through Samsung Mobile Philippines on Facebook, @samsungph on Twitter, or visit www.samsung.com.ph.

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