Friday, April 10, 2015

Tech Tips: Safety Measures o Electronic Tool Kit

As a well experienced service person, you are sure to know the importance of safety measures when operating electronic tools. If your choice falls on a good-quality kit, product documentation will have detailed instructions on how to use it safely. Still, surveys show that a majority of users often ignore these simple rules. Given below are some of them.

Safety tips for electronic tool kits for field service

Remember the points given below and stay safe from life-threatening situations when using electronic tools.

    Stay away from energized circuits

You may make fun of the advice. But, the unfortunate situation is that even well-informed operators tend to ignore this simple rule. They also face the danger; never to be given a second chance. Take care to service anything only after disconnecting it from the source of power.

    Get the proper training

When taking out an electronic tool from its kit, make sure that you know how to use it. Read the manufacturer instructions and try the device accordingly. Use only tried and tested tools in your field service project.

    Use the appropriate tool

When servicing electronic equipment, remember that every tool has a specific purpose. Don’t use anything to do a job for which it is not designed. Avoid the item if you are not sure of its purpose. Remember, misuse and improper use of electric tools can have life-threatening consequences.

    Protect yourself from electrocution

When using a tool, make sure that it has a 3-prong plug and is grounded properly. Check for a low-voltage isolation transformer. This is built into the tool to protect users. Inspecting the double insulation too is a great idea.

    Use the appropriate fire extinguisher

See to it that you are using the correct extinguisher if fire breaks out for any reason. Remember, water is a great electricity conductor; it may create disaster. Read the product documentation and act accordingly. Don’t go out of your way to get rid of foam when extinguishing fire. It happens quite naturally at times.

    Familiarize yourself with the safety measures

Be aware of the safety measures to be taken when things go out of control. Certain chemicals may emit a strong smell leading to drowsiness. Try your level best to stay away from them. You should also wear appropriate clothing. Get the best your budget allows. Don’t use earrings or any other ornament when working with electronic equipment.

    Safeguard your fingers

When operating a tool, see to it that you don’t accidentally switch it on or off. Practice extra caution when transporting tools. Do not keep your fingers on or near the on/off switch of anything you carry.

    Handle power cords with care

People always take good care of the tools they use; but ignore the power cord. Do not hold anything using the power cord. Practice utmost caution when taking it out from the socket. Hold it firm and take it out from the source.

It is true that electronic tool kits for field service will have all the safety measures required. But, these guidelines will offer extra protection.

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