Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pros and Cons of Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are called to be safer than other payment methods but sometimes they can become tedious. Do you want to know why?Virtual cards: safe but tedious?

Virtual cards are called to be safer than other payment methods but sometimes they can become tedious. Do you want to know why?

They allow you to buy in internet and by phone and you are less worried about being hacked by a software pirate.

Just for these reasons we must be signing for them without any doubt. However, they have a large list of disadvantages that make customers doubt, and even banks.

Most of them, nonetheless, are due to the lack of familiarity that consumers have with them. And it is that they also have important advantages.


Virtual cards offer you an alternative account number generated at random, instead of the real one in the current credit card.

You can also establish an expiration date for it to be invalid; and once you buy something, the throw-away card cannot be used again.

Moreover, most of them are free.

Everything seems to be perfect, but its users state that sometimes everything becomes tedious and methodical.


And it is that single-use cards need more than one click during the buying process. They require you log in the page to make the process become safer, or that you make a call to the customer’s phone to verify if the transaction has been done correctly.

Many organizations stopped offering them, being the most important one American Express which took this decision two years ago together with other important financial companies.

The technology in which the safe account numbers is based belongs to MasterCard (that obviously offers its virtual MasterCard). Consequently, virtual card suppliers use the technology that belongs to the Orbiscom Company, acquired by MasterCard in 2009.

A product’s refund paid with a virtual card cannot take place because they are single-use cards with a single number.

Payment platforms such as PayPal do not accept them since they are obliged to ask state of accounts which cannot be obtained through a virtual card.

The resulting question, thus, is: what must customers do to feel safe when buying on the net? Every day, we are aware of cases in which hackers enter platforms such as Ebay or Amazon with stolen data to make purchases. And how do they get them? Very easy: having access to the accounts we create in these platforms through a simple email account and an even simpler password. In these accounts we introduce data related to our private credit cards and hackers celebrate a party when they obtain so easily our data and defraud us.

Nonetheless, and after having heard about these fraud cases, we must try to be a bit more patient. More than one click, logging in, a telephone call? At leastFeature Articles, we can be sure that our data will be safe and even the buying process. What else do we really want?

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