Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Latest Guitar tech and innovations

Even music lovers, especially guitar players are becoming techies nowadays with the many add-ons or gadgets now made available to make their performances better.

Here are some new products that guitarists are raving about today:

Soundbrenner is considered as the ‘first wearable device for musicians.’  This metronome watch has an application that conveys tempo to users using vibrations for a more bodily approach to a grander showcase of talent.

Electro-Harmonix is a very innovative pair of rotary-speaker emulation pedals that can bring more excitement not only to the guitar player but also to his/ her listener. It’s not your usual guitar pedal, this is sick and slick!

Roadietuner is the guitar tuner everyone has been waiting for. It looks like somewhere between a breathalyser and a high-tech vaporiser. To use this, you need to clip it onto each peg as you tune each string in turn that guarantees mechanical accuracy for beginners and even professional musical artists.

With the many new things we have in front of us, we should also go back to basics if we want to produce quality sounds. You may want to visit Guitar Center, guitar strings order are now accepted.

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