Thursday, December 1, 2016

Get a Pair of New Balance when you buy an Acer Laptop

Do you wanna be a Santa to someone special this holiday season? Or maybe, to your self!
With Christmas, just around the corner, now is the perfect time to find new and exciting ways to celebrate and have  fun. Millennials, known for their fast-paced lifestyle, eagerness to reach their dreams, appetite to develop deep connections with others, and fondness for documenting awesome memories, will surely look forward to the holidays: simbang gabi, Christmas bazaars, family reunions, and barkada parties are just some events they can enjoy! An Acer Swift laptop and a pair of New Balance shoes can surely help make Christmas a wonderful experience!
The holiday season is a time for giving and, therefore, rush Christmas shopping. There are many gift options to see in bazaars, malls, pop-up shops, and markets! Comfy New Balance shoes are great companions when braving the Christmas rush. The tech savvy or those who simply wish to experience hassle-free shopping can use their Acer Swift laptops and opt to buy their presents online, saving them time so they can do more during the Yuletide rush.
For millennials, this season is also an excellent time for introspection and reflection as 2016 is about to end. With the opportunity to make the most of the blank slate ahead, they can plan the upcoming year, set resolutions, and prepare themselves to reach their dreams! Taking a stroll in New Balance shoes or journaling on a handy Acer Swift laptop are surefire ways to set things right and usher in the new year!
Christmas is the best time of the year to reconnect with family and friends! Catch up and know friends’ latest milestones. Go reunion or party-hopping with ease in New balance shoes.  Rekindle connections with loved ones through the internet with an Acer Swift.  The possibilities for connecting with others are endless.
Christmas memories are priceless, so be ever-present and don’t miss out on the many holiday activities! Let your New Balance shoes take you there and make new memories. Share these fantastic moments with more friends and loved ones with an Acer Swift laptop!

You can do all these if you #GoSwift this Christmas season! Buy a qualified Acer product—such as the trendy Acer Swift 3, Swift 5, and Swift 7— promo runs until December 31, 2016, at Acer participating stores nationwide and get a New Balance Gift Card worth P5,000 absolutely FREE. To claim the New Balance Gift Card, just fill out the promo claim form and get the official receipt of your purchase from the store.  Submit these requirements together with a cut-out of box serial number and two valid IDs.
For more about the latest Acer Swift units and other Acer Philippines’ products, go to, follow Acer via Twitter ( or
Here are the participating models:
E5-473-56YB Charcoal Gray5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473-57SR Coral Pink5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473-59ZA Ocean Blue5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473-596B Denim Blue5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473-57DS Tropical Yellow5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473G-54L9 Charcoal Gray5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473G-55L5 Ocean Blue5,000 NEW BALANCE
V3-574G-74BC Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
V3-574G-59N4 Silver/Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473-539H Cotton White5,000 NEW BALANCE
V3-575G-52GY5,000 NEW BALANCE
V3-575G-79XK5,000 NEW BALANCE
V3-575G-74ZZ5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473G-51GX Cotton White5,000 NEW BALANCE
S5-371-55AN (S13) Obsidian Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
S5-371-53F4 (S13) White/Rose Gold5,000 NEW BALANCE
S5-371-767Q (S13) Obsidian Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
S5-371-74H1 (S13) White/Rose Gold5,000 NEW BALANCE
VN7-571-75CH5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-475G-51SV Steel Gray5,000 NEW BALANCE
F5-573G-57CZ Obsidian Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
F5-573G-780B Obsidian Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-475G-50AL Marble White5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-475G-500E Red Copper5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-475G-52T0 Twilight Purple5,000 NEW BALANCE
SF314-51-50ZY SWIFT 3 Luxury Gold5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-475G-50ST Steel Grey5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-475G-58YC Marble White5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-475G-55DU Red Copper5,000 NEW BALANCE
SF314-51-54JM SWIFT 3 Luxury Gold5,000 NEW BALANCE
SF514-51-50SQ SWIFT 5 Obsidian Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
SF514-51-77F1 SWIFT 5 Obsidian Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
SF713-51-M7ER SWIFT 7 Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
SP315-51-53NM SPIN 35,000 NEW BALANCE
Switch Alpha 12 SA5-271-395G SLV5,000 NEW BALANCE
Switch Alpha 12 SA5-271-54ZW SLV5,000 NEW BALANCE
SP714-51-M4E5 SPIN 75,000 NEW BALANCE

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