Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Virtual Fitting System: Transformation of apparel shopping experience now in the Philippines

For the fashionistas out there, gone is the time when you had to literally pick up the clothes you like from the rack and then line up at the fitting room just to try on your chosen piece. It’s a tedious shopping task, especially during sale or payday seasons.

With the “Virtual Fitting System” or VFS now made available in the Philippines, you can try on any apparel you want and see if it fits your style- all in the name of convenience. VFS creates a representation of your physical form allowing you to select a garment that resembles the shape of your body without literally trying it on.

The Virtual Fitting System is from Toppan, a 115-year-old company and is one of the largest global printing companies in Japan. It is the first of its kind in the Philippines and is exclusively offered by Spark Global Tech Systems, Inc., a business solutions company with a wide range of ground-breaking technologies such as the recently launched Augmented Reality or AR.

With VFS, you can choose clothes off the rack, discover new styles and more importantly, save time in your selection process.

“The VFS allows you to try on any garment or accessory you want, it shows how each piece would fit and appear when you wear it, it can even locate a shop that has available stocks of the outfits you desire. The VFS makes shopping of fashion-conscious Filipinos realistically effortless, it ensures that your clothes match your body so you can confidently showcase your distinct style. In essence, it is your personalized virtual dressing room” explains the Managing Director, Rowi Bautista.

The VFS works through a Kinect system- it captures the motion, animates, displays, saves it in the Cloud and flings it into the PC. It comes in four types: the Color Simulation that lets you choose different colors of clothes in a single try, the 2D Simulation that allows you to overlay clothes by simply taking a photo of yourself, the 2.5D Simulation that is a more interactive version of the preceding with the 2D animation that follows your every move and finally, the 3DCG Simulation that lets you choose clothes not only in different colors but also in various designs and shapes.

The beauty of the VFS is its innovative approach on local retail marketing through customer engagement as it is highly customized. VFS introduces an amazing new shopping experience to the country by giving shoppers a clearer idea of the apparel they will want to buy and its fit even before they hit the store’s physical fitting room. Through Spark Global Tech Systems, Inc., this technology can further enhance the appeal of retailers through an advanced solution for customer satisfaction.

Spark Global Tech Systems, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Virtual Fitting System in the Philippines. The company also offers business management softwares like HR, Payroll, Accounting, Sales and Inventory systems, Access Control Systems, Smart Cards, Research and Development, and even Banking Solutions. With them, ‘Converging Technologies’ of companies in order to go beyond boundaries is now made possible.

Spark Global Tech Systems, Inc. is headquartered at 1805A East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For more information, contact (+632) 532-8579 or email info@sparkglobaltech.com or visit www.sparkglobaltech.com.

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